G8 rejects report from Commission, wants transitional government

In a note to the newsmedia, the G8 rejected the report issued by the Commission and demands the establishment of a government of transition to replace Martelly-Paul Government. According to the G8, the commission did not have the courage to make appropriate recommendations following observation of massive frauds because of their dependence on the executive government and the international community.



G8 rejte rapò ki soti nan Komisyon, vle gouvènman tranzisyon

Nan yon nòt yo bay Lapes, G8 la rejte rapò emèt pa Komisyon an. Yo mande etablisman yon gouvènman tranzisyon pou ranplase Gouvènman Martelly-Paul an. Dapre G8 la, komisyon an pa t 'gen kouraj pou fè rekòmandasyon ki apwopriye yo apre obsèvasyon frod masiv paske yo depandans de gouvènman egzekitif ak kominote entènasyonal la.

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Charles says...

Nou tout kap gounen konsa a pouvwa anplas, opozizyon se pa paske nou renmen pèp se enterè personnel nou nap defann.

Mesye sispann bay tèt nou manti epi tou nap fè politik trò lontan pou kite se Martelly kap fè nou fè tout makak sa yo jounen jodia please bay Haiti yon

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Subject: G8 rejects report from Commission, wants transitional government edit

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