Rene Theodore, head of Haitian Communist Party

Rene Theodore died of lung cancer in June, 2003 because of lung cancer. He was the former head of the Haitian Communist Party. He was receiving treatment in Miami's Jackson Memorial Hospital. His death was confirmed by Max Bourjolly who was second in command of the Haitian Communist Party. Rene Theodore entered politics when he was in High School and then continued his political life for 47 years. His last political act was in 2002 December when he co-signed a declaration from the opposition which called for resignation of the then President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.


The Haitian Communist Party had been opposing the Aristide government since 2000 when the Lavalas Family Party of Aristide swept a flawed election. Rene Theodore and his men from the Haitian Communist Party accused the President of trying to create 'One-Party, One-Man rule'. Serge Gilles, leader of Socialist Party said that Rene Theodore died as a very convinced democrat who spent his entire life struggling against dictatorship.

Rene Theodore was the grandson of previous President of Haiti, Davilmar Theodore. Rene was born in northwest Ouanaminthe, which is located in the border area of Dominican Republic and Haiti. Rene was an active member of Haitian Unified Communist Party. He was forced into exile in the year 1967 when during the 29 year dictatorship regime of Francois Duvalier and his son Jean-Claude Duvalier.

During his exile, Rene Theodore lived in France and then in Russia. He worked as an anchorman in Creole News Broadcast or Radio Moscow. During his exile, he became the general secretary of the Communist Party and in 1986 he returned to Haiti during an uprising against Jean-Claude Duvalier. In 1991 when the bloody coup ousted Aristide, Rene tried to become Prime Minister by working out a compromise with military but failed.

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