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Club of Madrid coducted workshop in Port-au-Prince

The Club of Madrid planned a two-day workshop on the 21st and 22nd of July in Port-au-Prince. This was an EU-funded project titled, "Promotion of dialogue for democratic reform in Haiti." This workshop, held in the capital, was to discuss how to implement the pending democratic reforms in Haiti.

Countries such as South Africa, Spain, and Poland share their successful experiences with key Haitian players in the political, economic, and social fields.

The former President of Panama, Martin Torrijos, will lead the discussions. Secretary General of the Club of Madrid, Carlos Westendorp and EU Ambassador to Haiti, Javier Nino, will also make their contributions. Other contributions will be from experts such as Roelf Meyer, a former Minister in South Africa, Max Hernandez, former Technical Secretary of the Peruvian National Agreement, and others.

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Cuba & Dominican Republic Overtake Leadership in Soccer

As per latest FIFA/Coca-Cola World Rankings on 17 November 2013, Cuba has topped the Caribbean football squad table leaving behind Dominican Republic, Haiti and Jamaica. Cuba ranked 74th among the world football playing nations, followed by Dominican Republic 78th, Haiti 80th and Jamaica 82nd. Under the current ranking, Cuba gained by 10 points over the earlier FIFA Ranking but Haiti and Jamaica lose (-2) and (-4) points respectively.

Haiti is one among the oldest football playing nations in the Caribbean and one of the early participants in the World Cup qualifying tournament. Its present rank as per FIFA/Coca-Cola Zonal Ranking is 8th; the other countries in the same zonal ranking table include USA (1), Mexico (2), Costa Rica (3), Honduras (4), Panama (5), Cuba (6), Dominican Republic (7), Trinidad and Tobago (9) and Jamaica (10).

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Raoul Cedras - the effective de facto leader of Haiti

Raoul Cedras was the de facto leader of Haiti for three years, from 1991 to 1994. He was born on July 9th, 1949 and got into the military in the US early in life. He was educated in the US and later joined the Leopard Corps which was trained by the US forces. Yanick Prosper was the spouse of Cedras.

Important CIA Agent

As the Lieutenant General of the Haitian army Raoul Cedras was chiefly responsible for ousting the president Jean Bertrand Aristide. He was a crucial CIA agent who reported on the president. He went on to become the Commander-in-Chief of the army.

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Michel Martelly received Great Cross of the Order Gil Colunje award in Panama

Michel Martelly the president of Haiti recently visited Panama City where he was crowned and honored with one of the highest awards ever given to foreigners. This is the Great Cross of the Order Gil Colunje award which is given to those that have proved to be great achievers and those working for the welfare of their country.

Michel Martelly was recently at the 3rd Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Caribbean to Gros Islet (St Lucia) where immediately they left he went to panama to receive this award. In his acceptance speech he said that the award rejuvenated his admirations and plans for his country where he was totally dedicated and focused into achieving what has been rejected from the country for a very long time and which is a good leadership.

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