Passport Denial Program Against Deadbeat Parents

Failing to pay for child support has repercussions, one of which is the denial of passport. Deadbeat parents, or those who have been unable to meet their child support obligation, can have their passports revoked under the law. With the Passport Denial Program, parents who have arrearages over $2,500 will not be able to apply for a new passport or use any passport services until they settle their debt.


Under the program, the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement can file a report to the Department of State, which has the power to deny passport services to a non-custodial parent failing to pay for child support. The parents' inclusion in the Passport Denial Program will only be removed after a certain period of time upon payment of their debt.

The program has been implemented as part of the initiative to protect the rights and welfare of the children affected by a divorce. This way, the custodial parent can be assured of financial support for his/her kids, as deadbeat parents would be forced to pay their child support should they need to leave the country for business or other purposes.

A report by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families shows that around 80 passports are denied everyday because of the program. Moreover, the amount collected from child support with the help of the program has already reached more than $65 million since its implementation. For more information about this program, you can always contact your child support agency.

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