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Filipino peacekeeping troops to arrive in Haiti

House Representative Ferdinand Romualdez spoke in chambers supported by several of his colleagues to laud the courage of a 40-member Filipino peacekeeping contingent, who fought the well-armed Syrian rebels in the Golan Heights. They managed to pull off what has been called the "greatest escape" to return home to Manila. Romualdez along with Representative Ben Evardone and other legislators formed an independent minority bloc to encourage House leadership to officially recognize the soldiers' valor in standing their ground when Syrian rebels attempted to overtake the Golan Heights UN peacekeeping camp.

In his remarks to House leadership Romualdez said the Filipino peacekeeping troops were worthy of the House's commendation ". . . for the bravery, courage, and professionalism they displayed during the attack despite being outnumbered . . ." He also reminded the House the soldiers held to ". . . the military's core values of courage . . . (and) for showing (the) highest levels of professionalism and competence . . ."

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Uruguay to Withdraw Peacekeepers from Haiti

Uruguay deployed peace keeping force in Haiti since when chaos erupted at the end of Jean-Bertrand Aristide's presidency in 2004. It was a part of United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH). Uruguay has contributed almost 1,000 soldiers to the 9000 strong U. N peace keeping mission in Haiti. The force has been under intense scrutiny for years and is blamed for many reasons.

Last year at Port-au-Prince, the protesters clashed with the police while demanding withdrawal of this peace keeping force from the country. They were angry over an alleged sexual assault over an 18-year-old Haitian man by peacekeepers from Uruguay.

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