Dog Attack

A dog attack is not as common a thing as was seen in the later part of the 20th and the early part of the 21st century. A dog bite could lead to the death of that particular person even. A lot of study is being done on who should be blamed for the attacks made by the dogs like the inaction of the owner of the dog or the kind of breed the dog is of.


Generally it is seen that dogs do not attack humans unnecessarily unless provoked to do so. At times toddlers playfully could pull the dog's ears or tail which could make the dog nip or bite. The dog does this, basically as a form of defense and not attack. Provocation has a number of shades and is not a case of white or black as to why a dog could attack.

Humans could be inflicted with fatal or serious injuries by dogs. By nature dogs are descendants of wolves and whether it is a domestic or tamed dog or a wild dog, it is a super-predator. Serious injuries are inflicted due to their powerful jaws and very sharp teeth. If they use their claws to cause injury then it could lead to infection.

The bigger and boisterous dogs are quite strong and could easily knock a person down causing injury. In such a case the intent is not at all malicious. Medium sized dogs, in a group could attack a human to kill or cause injury. You will get an idea if the dog will attack by its barks, snarls or growls etc. If the dog wags its tail and jumps with excitement then this not a dog attack that needs to be feared.

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