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Arnel Belizaire kicked out of the Haitian parlement for two Months

For the first time, the Haitian Parlement has decided to flex its muscles and take a decision against Deputy Arnel Belizaire. Following the aggression of Arnel belizaire against Minister Phélito Doran, the House of Deputy has decided to keep him out of his functions for two Months.

After listening to the version of Minister Phélito Doran, last Thursday, the decision was taken. Deputy Arnel Belizaire was also invited to present his side of the story. However, after several attempts, he did not show up.

Should we say that for at least the next two months we will have a quieter Haitian Parlement?

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Deputy Arnel Belizaire brutal assault on Minister Phelito Doran

There is a major problem growing with Deputy Arnel Belizaire. The deputy of Tabarre some how manages to create an atmosphere of intimidation in the government of Michel Martelly. The Haitian Government denounces and strongly condemns the latest action by the Deputy of Tabarre, a brutal assault on Minister Phélito Doran. This took place on June 25, 2014, in full session at the Chamber of Deputies. Additionally, it was reported that Deputy Arnel Belizaire made death threats against the Minister Phélito Doran.

I would like to say that there is definitely a problem with Deputy Arnel Belizaire and it must be addressed. Deputy Belizaire has been able to get away with too much and unfortunately, the more you give him, the more he will take from you. He so far has been very successful to the point where his behaviors are currently affecting the core principles of our attempt to create a Democratic society.

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