Deputy Arnel Belizaire brutal assault on Minister Phélito Doran

There is a major problem growing with Deputy Arnel Belizaire. The deputy of Tabarre some how manages to create an atmosphere of intimidation in the government of Michel Martelly. The Haitian Government denounces and strongly condemns the latest action by the Deputy of Tabarre, a brutal assault on Minister Phélito Doran. This took place on June 25, 2014, in full session at the Chamber of Deputies. Additionally, it was reported that Deputy Arnel Belizaire made death threats against the Minister Phélito Doran.


I would like to say that there is definitely a problem with Deputy Arnel Belizaire and it must be addressed. Deputy Belizaire has been able to get away with too much and unfortunately, the more you give him, the more he will take from you. He so far has been very successful to the point where his behaviors are currently affecting the core principles of our attempt to create a Democratic society.

There is a problem with that. It will only get worst. it is like any thing in life. If certain behaviors are not met with the adequate consequences, these behaviors will get worst and worst. It is like an abused house wife, the government clearly sees the ongoing abuses by the Deputy; however, continues to find justifications to let them continue. The Haitian Government is hoping and praying that Deputy Arnel Belizaire will eventually come to his senses.

Sorry, Mr. The President. Sorry Mr. The Prime Minister if you don't find treatment for this illness, it will kill you

Kreyol Pale, Kreyol Kompran...

Mon Chè, Depite Arnel Belizaire ape fè pale de li ankor. Cet fwa si, li rantre nan akrochay ake Minis Phélito Doran. Dapre sa ke Arnel Ak prop bouch li, li pran Minis Phélito Doran, li leve li pote'l mete deyor nan Palman-a san pye li pa touche atè.

Mezanmi, se ki koze sa? Se ki lè Depite Belizaire ape sispan agresse moun? Eske nom sa pa gin bouchon pou li? Depite-a sanble yon moun ki te pra yon beinn lè ke li te piti et ke beinn sa vini tro fô pou li.

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Gesnel says...

a papa tout moun jwenn.

Aristid te prezidan, Mateli te tounen yon pongongon.

li te manke li dega jan li vle. E sou preval, menm bagay.

fwa sa a se Anel Belizair ki tounen yon piman nan je

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Virginia says...

I'm not surprise of that want to be a ganster action, because he is been doing it for a while.

Pretty soon he is going to face his maker.

I knew others that used to act like worst than him where are they now.Just wait and see "genyen yon parol granmoun toujou di ebyen Ane`l profite".It's not going to be

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Raymond Lafontant says...

a college of physicians should over seen him in all aspects and gives their conclusion.

this job should be extended to other

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Subject: Deputy Arnel Belizaire brutal assault on Minister Phelito Doran edit

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