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Collecting Pictures about Haiti is our passion. Since 1999, we have been collecting a variety of pictures about Haiti and the Haitian Diaspora.


We have a chance to visit our gallery of pictures at any time.

Also, based on our format, our pictures create their own history. As you are looking at the pictures we offer to you at Haitian Photos, you will be able that the most recent pictures are seen first and as you click back, you will be able to see the history over time.

In addition, as you are viewing these pictures, you will be able to add your own comments.

Here is our Gallery of gorgeous Haiti photos, including art, politic, culture, landmarks, hotels, and attractions.

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Luis Garcia says...

My regards from Venezuela.

We are interested in spectacular photos of the Gonave Island to try to propose some tourist developments and also possible exploitation of minerals or oil. If you can provide a minimum of photos or places where we could start scientific research, plese get in touch with us or send minum

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