Jean Pierre Batiste AKA Jean Tatoune announced manifestation

With the nomination of Bernard Gousse hanging in the air, some popular names have surfaced. According to Jean Pierre Batiste, better known as Jean Tatoune is threatening manifestation in the streets of Haiti if the Senate does not ratify Bernard Gousse as Prime Minister. The site further reported that Jean Tatoune said that he wants the senators to hear him clearly because as he stated: " I will not tell the Senators twice".


Doesn't this sound like an order to you?

Mr. Jean Pierre Batiste AKA Jean Tatoune thinks that the country has gone for too long without a Prime Minister and feels that it comes to a point where he must use his power to get things done.

A Little history about Jean Tatoune. A former FRAPH member, Tatoune was convicted in the Raboteau massacre trial in November 2000 and sentenced to forced labor for life. He became a leader of a movement in the city of Gonaives, called Cannibal Army. The group Cannibal Army was accused of several crimes and abuses.

Jean Tatoune was one of the prison inmates who escaped when Cannibal members drove a tractor through the prison walls in Gonaives to free their leader Amiot Métayer

The Cannibal Army was the personal armed force of Amiot Métayer, a gang leader in the City of Gonaives, which was formed in the 1980s to resist Duvalier regime.

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Juicy Couture says...

Juicy couture

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Alexis Sinvrius says...

Permettez-moi de vous dire mon point de vue a propos de cet article.

Haiti est un pays qui n'a pas de chance avec ses siens.

Je dirais que tous nos politiciens sont des oportunistes qui cherchent a remplir leur poche et qui ne voient rien d'autre que de s'enrichir sous le couvert de la politique.

Si vous imaginez que 16 soient disant senateurs meme avant le depot des pieces du designer candidat ont manifeste leur hostilite a ce dernier.

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Neth D Haiti says...

e too, he article would be nicer if they said:They were working for Jean Bertrand Aristide

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