Dominican officials say no to future meetings with Haitians

Officials in the Dominican Republic have decided no longer to meet with Haitian authorities to talk about the recent court ruling in their country. I don't know if the decision from CARICOM to cancel the recent application of Dominican Republic to join the organization has anything to do with it; however, this sounds like they really feel it.


Since the Dominican Republic has decided to remove the citizenship of some of its population because of their link to Haiti nothing have been effective in making them reconsider their racism act. The decision of CARICOM to defer their request to become a member of the trade bloc certainly catches their attention.

Dominican decision not to meet with Haitian officials to talk about the court ruling comes a day after the Caribbean Community made the decision.

In the meantime, mass deportation of poor Haitians in the Municipality of Neyba continues. It has been reported that since the incident where an elderly Dominican couple was killed, at least three Haitians were killed by Dominicans, more than 350 Haitians and people of Haitian descent were expelled or volunteered to leave the Dominican Republic.

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Ricclavie says...

Two republics: Haiti and Dominican Republic are on the same island.

Skin complexion is a crucial issue in both republics.

Rich and poor are not on the same page. In Haiti, Jessie Jackson is called "blanc" and when the idiots are corrected they come with a term "blanc noir", because Jessie Jackson has money.

The poor white person in Haiti is named "ti blanc or blanc man nan".

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Subject: Dominican officials say no to future meetings with Haitians edit

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