Haiti and Dominican Republic, the race issue

Ricclavie - December 2 2013, 8:00 PM

Two republics: Haiti and Dominican Republic are on the same island.

Skin complexion is a crucial issue in both republics.

Rich and poor are not on the same page. In Haiti, Jessie Jackson is called "blanc" and when the idiots are corrected they come with a term "blanc noir", because Jessie Jackson has money.

The poor white person in Haiti is named "ti blanc or blanc man nan".

In St Domingo, the poor black person is Haitian.

The rich black Haitian is Dominican.The rich Dominican with the khaki skin color calls himself "blanco".

However the racial issue goes further and abroad these territories.

Spain does not like any Dominican person to claim them self as Spanish.

The racism is far to be ended for the oxymoron.

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