Radio Metropole Website Informs Readers on Food Shortage Problem

Radio Metropole, a radio station operating out of Port-au-Prince, broadcasts in French. With a large listening audience, it runs regular news briefs and information geared to its listenership. Launched in 1970, it became the first Haitian station to switch to FM, produce stereo broadcasts, and introduce the CD format.


Radio Metropole has an online news website, delivering coverage on politics, the economy, sports, and culture. It also broadcasts feature programs, such as "Metropolis" and "Investir" with hosts Nancy Roc and Kesner Pharel.

Recent updates include news stories about government of Haiti's declared state of emergency continuing after Hurricane Sandy blasted the island; lowering of rice prices; and launch of green energy programs. The feature story, a research study, forecasts another food shortage looming on Haiti's horizon. The approaching famine will arrive on the heels of food shortages in the countrysides of North, West, and Grand'Anse Departments, occurring after Sandy.

The research study queried 1,000 families. Results showed up to 70% of respondents, who replied they went hungry, endured moderate to extreme food deprivation. Results back up warnings by the UN. The international organization forecasts 1.5 million Haitians might become malnourished due to crop failure, resulting from Sandy. Only 10% of crops remained after the hurricane. In six months' time, food supplies will have dwindled almost to nothing. The upsurge in food prices following could provoke violent uprisings as it did in 2008.

Radio Metropole provides its online audience with not only broadcasting excellence, but comprehensive reporting on regional issues.

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