Popular Bicha Ad for Bakara criticised by Barbancourt, Pa Banm Kou

Tonton Bicha, an expert in advertising, seems to be getting into some hot water recently. According to some who listen to his latest advertising he did for the Rhum Bakara, the suggested that Tonton bicha went too far in putting down Rhum Barbancourt and the Haitian Voodoo religion.


Tonton Bicha actually never mentioned the name of the competitor Barbancourt in his ad; however, that doesn't stop people from assuming that he was clearly referring to Barbancourt rhum

He stated in the ad "Pa Banm Kou" to refer to the competitor which seem to me very different from "Barbancourt", or is it?

In a new article published by le Nouvelliste, many influential members of the Haitian society criticized his approach to the ad about Bakara. They think the pub is an insult to the Voodoo religion and Rhum Barbancourt which is considered a national product. Many, including Mr. Max Beauvoir and Joël Ducasse recommended that the ad be removed from the air

Do you think that Tonton Bicha went overboard in this ad?

How can comedian Tonton Bicha be in trouble for "Pa Banm Kou"

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Frideny says...

You are extremely right Mona.
It's all about a superstar comedian, Bicha is a great comedian, full of knowledge on what he is doing.

I f he does not mention the name of Barbancourt on his ad, why people have to criticize him?

Well done Tonton Bicha, just be careful with this

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Stuart Newman says...

to Haitian
Thanks for including me among your subscribers.

I have fond memories of more than 110
visits to Haiti from 1965-1981 when we provided North American PR for Office Nationale
du Tourisme.

And I consumed more than my share of both Barbancourt 5 star and

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Mona Geirrier says...

Tonton Bicha is an artist comedian.

From listening to all his previous commercials, this is something professional.

It requires skill and talent to match someone like Bicha

I just hope the critics could see the talent; unfortunately Haitians are only good at criticizing

Continue with the good work Tonton Bicha.

We love

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Subject: Popular Bicha Ad for Bakara criticised by Barbancourt , Pa Banm Kou edit

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