Boucan-Carre Setback from 2010 Earthquake

Boucan-Carré, a cityship in the Mirebalais Arrondisement, situated within the Centre Department of Haiti, is made up of three communal divisions: Duffailly, Petite Montagne, and Les Bayes.


Boucan-Carré's topography contains immense tracts of mountain terrain and plunging hollows. The Boucan-Carré River slices through the heart of the town of Chambeau. The chief means of income for residents of Boucan-Carré are agricultural farming and the charcoal industry.

Several non-government organizations (NGO) have stepped up to help improve the infrastructure beginning in the early 2000's. Haiti Outreach Program, Give Haiti Hope, and Partners in Health, all U.S.-based NGOs, have subsidized two schools, a church, and hospital. The hospital, a full-service facility, has grown from its modest beginnings as a community clinic.

Every Friday, scores of people stream into Chambeau for market day. This event, at one time, drew virtually no vehicles there, but now motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles fill up the marketplace.

The United Nations has done major road-repair work from Port-au-Prince airport to Chambeau. The improvements have reduced by half the travel time from Port-au-Prince to Chambeau, from four and a half hours to two.

Although Boucan-Carré has made strides in its development over the last decade, Haiti's 2010 earthquake has dealt it a blow. Haitian survivors, from Port-au-Prince, have fled home to relatives in Boucan-Carré. This has created an enormous burden on the city's resources and citizens. Uncontaminated water is largely unavailable and the Haitian dollar's decrease in value has made goods and services prohibitively expensive

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