Presidential Advisor Ronald "Roro" Nelson Defends His Reputation

Ronald Nelson, known by his popular name Roro Nelson, advisor to President Michel Martelly, has been accused of three separate incidences of violence he is alleged to have committed, one involving an ex-girlfriend. Speaking at a press conference, he refuted all charges against him, blaming the Haiti press for printing lies, damaging his reputation.


His ex, Astride Pantal, accused him of an assault to her person with a deadly weapon, which he denies. But the Dorchester County, Massachusetts Court has put him on probation for the incident. In another violent episode, a woman accused Ronald Nelson of pulling out a hand-gun and threatening her with it.

However, photos of the event, in which the victim documented her injuries, have never been released. In the latest round of accusations, Nelson is accused of shooting a 30-year old man dead in front of his home. He refutes these charges too and claims his enemies have lied about other government officials.

Defending himself further, Ronald "Roro" Nelson called on the citizens of Haiti to refrain from trying him in the court of public opinion through the radio media. He also took the opportunity to defend his good buddy, President Martelly, who is being accused of mis-managing public funds, allocated to public education.

Nelson allowed the funds have not been used for education purposes, but to investing in Haiti. He concluded the press conference with an ill-advised and badly-timed comment, declaring it was the Haitian electorate that voted him and Martelly into office. Yep. And they will vote them out. Especially Nelson.

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The advisor to the Haitian President, Ronald "Roro" Nelson is being accused of acts of violence.

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