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Is Mildred Trouillot Aristide a leader in the making?

Some people seem to forget that. So in case you are nor aware, there is a chance that the next senatorial election in Haitia can be very interesting leading to the next presidential election that can be one of the most interesting election in the history of Haiti.

On Monday, December 16, 2013 to commemorate the election that brought Jean Bertrand Aristide to power, several grassroots organizations around the Fanmi Lavalas party started a demonstration from St. Jean Bosco church to end the Aristide Foundation for Democracy". On behalf of Jean Bertrand Aristide, Mildred Trouillot Aristide thank the crowd for making the trip. "Yon sèl machwè paka manje vyann" asking for unity

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Frank Romain, former mayor of Port-au-Prince

The declaration of intent issued by Port-au-Prince's former mayor, Frank Romain, in a recent interview with HPN, harkens back to the impassioned speeches and noble intents of many of our past revolutionaries of victories great and small. The ex-military man has put himself at the forefront of a campaign for the rebuilding of the country, saying he is prepared to 'do it gracefully' and can make himself and his skills available for the good of Haiti.

Frank Romain has called for people to work together in an effort to revitalize the struggling nation, a concept closely linked to an effort to allow exiled Haitian citizens, former leaders in particular, to return to their country without fear. His crusade stems from his reported abhorrence of the foreign military occupation of Haiti. He further comments on the guilt he feels when he sees the foreigners and witnesses Haiti's continued lack of the sovereignty, a state he wished to have returned during his political tenure.

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Antoine Izmery Assassination

Former Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide's presidency has been surrounded in the deaths of thousands Haitians, several of them well-known political figures and activists. Famous assassinations in the country during the 1990s can be classified into two: Aristide's supporters or the former president's critics.

Antoine Izméry was well-known businessman and a strong supporter of Aristide as a pro-democracy activist. He belonged to one of the wealthiest families in Haiti and was a large financier of the former president's campaign in 1990. When Aristide was ousted and exiled by a successful coup d'état in 1991, Izméry remained loyal and formed the Komite Mete men pou Verite Blayi (KOMEVEB), an organization that was aimed at exposing and publicizing the events that transpired during the coup and at bringing back Haiti's democratic form of government under Aristide. Along with this cause came the assassination of his brother, Georges, by the new military regime in power.

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