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Giorgio Armani Teams with Sean Penn for Clean Drinking Water in Haiti

Since Haiti's petrifying earthquake of 2010, one of the needs Haitians have is for clean drinking water. Many remote rural areas in Haiti do not have direct access to a water source. They must trek many miles over rough terrain to a waterfall or river and haul back whatever they can carry. Even children must perform this task for their family's water needs.

International celebrity and high-fashion designer Giorgio Armani has come forward with the Acqua for Life Campaign (AFLC). He has developed two scents, Acqua di Gio and Acqua di Gioia, whose sales proceeds will go to AFLC. Every flacon sold will mean 100 liters of fresh drinking water for Haitians annually. Armani's mission does not stop there. He is also gifting $500,000 dollars to the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Agency (WASH), operated by the Haiti Relief Organization (HRO).

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A Historic monument in Haiti, the National Palace, is to be demolished

This is the end of an era once again in the history of Haiti. The Government announced that the non-profit aid group of Sean Penn will oversee the demolition of the wrecked National Palace, free of charge. According to Government spokesperson, Lucien Jura, Penn's J/P HRO group will begin the demolition in the next 10 days. Sean Penn holds the title as ambassador-at-large for Haiti.

The crumbled Haiti National Palace has symbolized the level of destruction that took place in the Port-au-Prince area following the 2010 earthquake. Thousands of buildings were destroyed and over 200,000 people died.

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The New ambassador-at-large for Haiti, Sean Penn honored for work in Haiti

The Haitian Government has selected from the crowd someone who has been very dedicated to the cause of Haiti since the 2010 earthquake and made him ambassador-at-large for Haiti. It is no other than the movie actor Sean Penn.

A well deserved title.

However, does someone like Sean Penn have the character to be an ambassador-at-large?

I have never been an ambassador, but I know that to occupy that position, it requires certain "finess". I also know that someone like Sean Penn does not have any of that. The descriptions that match the movie actor include: raw, tough, profane, fearless, explosive and hard working. There is nothing diplomatic, however with Sean Penn

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Oprah in Haiti to help poor Haitians or to promote new show using poor Haitians?

Do you know how much Oprah can do to help Haitians if she really wants to? In my opinion, Oprah Winfrey is not in Haiti to assess the situation in which many Haitians have been living since the 2010 earthquake, or for the past 100 years.

It's all about Oprah Winfrey.

According to to what I heard in the news, when arrived in Haiti on Sunday, the security that was given to Oprah was one never seen before at Toussaint L'Ouverture Airport. She toured some camps under tight security Monday. One local photographer was detained for about 90 minutes as he tried to cover Queen Oprah Winfrey.

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Sean Penn and Garcelle Beauvais spotted having a cozy dinner

Movie actor Sean Penn seems to be integrating himself pretty well into the Haitian community as there are some romance rumors coming out with Haitian born actress Garcelle Beauvais.

The "Haitian Joudalist" has learned that actor Sean Penn was spotted with Haitian actress Garcelle Beauvais having a cozy dinner at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles. According to the report, they met to discuss relief efforts to Haiti.

What kind of relief are we referring to?

It seems to me that actor Sean Penn this time was interested in getting some relief for himself.

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It must be love, Sean Penn and Wyclef Jean make-up on Valentine's weekend

This happened last weekend. The "Haitian Joudalist" learned from New York Post that Sean Penn and Wyclef jean ironed out their differences over the weekend and had become friends again. This is definitely a sign of love on this Valentine's day.

I was told that Sean Penn and Wyclef Jean met for about 30 minutes in a dressing room, during a Valentine's Day party where the Haitian band T-Vice was performing. Witnesses reported the two came out of their meeting hugging each other.

It must have been love!

Do you remember when Wyclef Jean had decided to run for president of Haiti? Actor Sean Penn did not say any kind words or words of encouragement for the Hip Hop artist. Instead, Penn thought that Wyclef was an opportunist who was using the Haitian crisis for his own gain. Wyclef responded by accusing Sean Penn of using Crack Cocaine.

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Sean Penn Out of Dubai Film Festival to go to Haiti

It was reported that the Actor turned humanitarian Sean Penn excused himself from the Dubai Film Festival this week as he was scheduled to receive a lifetime achievement award to fly to Haiti because as he stated "the situation in the crisis-hit country has worsened".

Sean Penn's JP, Haitian Relief Organization, manages a large tent city on what used to be the Petion Ville Country Club. The Actor turned humanitarian.

Penn arrived in Haiti immediately following the 2010 earthquake of January 21 that killed close to 300,000 people. Founded with philanthropist Diana Jenkins, Sean Penn's JP, Haitian Relief Organization started to work drainage around Port-au-Prince. Shortly after that, Sean Penn's organization has become responsible for a tend city on the grounds of a former golf club in Petion Ville.

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