Baby shower gift

Parents expecting their first child generally get a baby shower gift like bath toys, crib toys, comforters, puppet washcloths, crib blanket, diaper bag, shoulder burp pad, nursery lamp, serving dish or other great choices or money at the baby shower party. This is generally done so that the expectant parents are able to arrange things necessary for the baby.


Some of the parents who find purchasing baby items as an unaffordable affair can make the most of gifts given at the baby shower. The function itself is a great occasion to welcome the new bundle of joy to the family which everyone is thrilled about. Generally a close friend arranges the baby shower party for the expecting parents since as per tradition it is improper for a family member to be involved due to the aspect of giving gifts.

Since the past one and a half decades, it is common practice to have baby shower celebrations. Lots of attention is given to the single child especially in the smaller families. The baby shower is generally organized for the very first child but as per choice it can also be arranged for the other children in the family including adopted kids. Games themed on babies are also commonly organized.

The program lasts for about two hours where guests are welcomed, appetizers are served, guests are introduced to each other and they get to know the expectant mother as well. A few baby shower games are generally included as part of the celebration. Ensure proper arrangements are made for the guests to serve themselves. Once this is done, the next thing the expectant mother can do is open the gift items. Guests can be given a small baby shower gift, a practice common in some regions.

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