Carline Pierre Bartley, Haitian Singer

Carline Pierre Bartley was born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti where she attended school and founded her interest in the music industry. She started singing at a very tender age where she sang about the various issues she had in mind. She at first sang in her local church where she was so good at it that she eventually decided to sing gospel songs. She mostly sings about the various things that inspire here such as God and the various issues about her country.


Pierre Bartley has done some patriotic songs where she sings on her love for her country and where she expresses all her emotions especially when it comes to the various issues affecting the country. She is married and with 2 children whom she is raising in Haiti and whom she hopes of growing up with the best tender care that she so much adores.

In her young ages Carline Pierre Bartley felt the urge to express various issues in a manner that both entertained and earned the ears of the listeners. She thus started singing and has achieved her wishes as her songs are highly appreciated all over Haiti and she has a great number of fans all over the world. She is thus a great personality and will forever be highly appreciated in Haiti.

There is however little available in any online site about her biography and it would be a highly appreciated effort if you had any information on her and you added it here on this site. It will be authenticated and once proven to be accurate it definitely will be published. Carline Pierre Bartley has done so much for her country and it would only be fair if the same was done for her.

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