Arly Lariviere to be honored by County Commissioner Jean Monestime

Arly Lariviere is American- Haitian musician. He loved music since his hay days, but this passion for music came from his father and Tropicana D'Haiti. This passion developed greatly making him come up with Nu look group. He played the role of a conductor of Nu look group for 11 years. Lariviere was a talented musician who enjoyed Haitian music.


He has made an attempt to resign from Nu look group due to some circumstances, but this became impossible due to his love for his fans. His fans claimed to lose morale of Nu look group if he resigned, and his resignation would affect the members of Nu look and their dependants. Due to his value for his fans Arly Lariviere chose to remain the group for the time being.

Arly Lariviere has many albums under his belt. He has the highest number of fans compared to other members of Nu look group. Being influenced by D'Haiti made him develop some passion for Haiti's culture and art, making him advance and promote Haitian culture through his music.

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Subject: Arly Lariviere to be honored by County Commissioner Jean Monestime edit

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