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Haiti - U17 Football team Grenadiers beat Saint Lucia

One of the most memorable days for the under 17 years team of the Haitian national team is definitely when they beat the famous giants of Saint Lucia. This was a one time occurrence but the most famous and memorable to all football fans and players in Haiti. They were able to easily make a 3-0 win over the famous football giants a fact which did go down history as one of the few reasons why everyone should believe totally in the ability of the team to become one of the best teams in the near future. It acted as a means to prove that in the near future the team which is to replace the current national team will be a force to reckon with and that it is one of the youngest and most energetic team to watch out for.

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Emmanuel Sanon Soccer Park in Little Haiti

The City of Miami named the $37 million dollars soccer park after Emmanuel Sanon

The idea for a Soccer Park in Little Haiti was an ambition from the late Miami Commissioner Arthur E. Teele who understands that soccer is the national sport of Haiti and very popular among the Haitian Diaspora living in South Florida.

The park offers a a green field, wide open spaces for the youth in the community to exercise and play their favorite sport. Emmanuel Sanon Soccer Park in Little Haiti also offers a playground for children in the neighborhood to run freely in nearly nine acres of grass covered field. This park represents one of the few real place for relaxation in Little haiti in Miami.

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Brazil defeat in soccer game caused a Haitian to kill himself

The Haitian Joudalist is sad to report that an 18 year old Haitian fan of the Brazilian soccer team has killed himself, following the victory of Holland over Brazil in the world Cup 2010 in South Africa.

According to the AFP news report, The lost and elimination of Brazil from the World Cup affected the Haitian boy so much that he leaped in front of an incoming car, killing himself.

The Haitian suicide was not the only recorded in this current World Cup. The Haitian Joudalist also learned that a 23 year old man in India hanged himself after being verbally harassed after the team Argentine won over the Mexican team.

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Top Ten World Cup Goals from 1930 to 2006

FIFA best World Cup goals of all time. Top 10 Dribble Goals Of All Time from 1930 to 2006.

Goal number 10: - Henrik Larsson - Sweden (USA 94)
Goal number 09: - Sanon - Haiti (Germany 74)
Goal number 08: - Bebeto - Brazil (USA 94)
Goal number 07: - Beckenbauer - England (England 66)
Goal number 06: - Pele - Brazil (Mexico 70)
Goal number 05: - Altobelli - Italy (Spain 82)
Goal number 04: - Edinho - Brazil (Mexico 86)
Goal number 03: - Ronaldo - Brazil (Germany 06)
Goal number 02: - Baggio - Italy (USA 94)
Goal number 01: - Cruyff - Netherland (Germany 74)

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The 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa is the 19th FIFA World Cup and involves 204 FIFA national teams.
Brazil's Pele is the only player to have won three World Cup winners' medals, with 20 other players who have won two World Cup medals.
The overall top goalscorer in World Cups is Brazil's Ronaldo, scorer of 15 goals in three tournaments.

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Joe Geatjens, first Haitian who scored in World Cup

This is a story all Haitians should know. Joe Gaetjens, a Haitian immigrant, scoring the only goal for the US at the World Cup in 1950 winning the game against England.

When we think about Haitian soccer players scoring in world cup, we usually think about Manno Sanon. Emmanuel "Manno" Sanon was a member of 1974 Haitian National Team who participated in the world cup in Munich, Germany.

The story of the Haitian soccer player Joe Gaetjens did not end there. As it was the case for many Haitians during the Duvalier reign, Joe Gaetjens became an innocent victim of that time. As you will see in this video on ESPN, they also showed Fort Dimanche where Joe and so many others disappeared and died.

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