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In Six Months (by July 2013) Prime Minister Lamothe promised 24 Hour Electricity

The MOH community in Haiti will be provided with solar street lights and twenty fours electricity within six months time, as promised by Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. At Port-au-Prince, he promised that electricity distribution would be made for all, twenty four hours of the day.

As this really possible?

Strengthening The Electrical Sector

To achieve this, the energy sector, which has been one of the major concerns for the Haitian population, since ages, would be strengthened. The Prime Minister of Haiti had stated that the EDH or the Electricity of Haiti would supply eighteen hours of electricity and this promise was kept.

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Haitian Town Cerca la Source working toward Modernization

Cerca la Source, Haiti

Cerca la Source, known as Sèka Lasous in Creole, is a city-ship part of Cerca la Source Arrondissement. A small city of 40,270 residents, it is located close to the Dominican Republic border.

Cerca la Source, founded in 1898, is a strong Catholic community. But it still practices animal ritual sacrifice for holiday celebrations. The religious life of the community revolves around St. Francis of Assisi Church, with religious feasts and holidays, retreats, conferences, and education seminars taking place at the church.

The government of Haiti has given little attention to Cerca la Source, leaving the task of developing the city to non-government organizations. With city government allocations, NGOs have built and installed solar street lights, put a cell phone tower up in town, and made road improvements.

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