Around 14,000 candidates for baccalaureate excluded of official exam in Haiti

It was confirmed by National Office of State Examination's Director, Renan Michel that all preparations have been made for welcoming nearly 745,000 candidates for official exams to be held during the period June 19 through July 12. The Director reported that 6th and 9th fundamental years' cards were already distributed and the baccalaureate candidates' cards were also distributed to the Departmental Directorates. He also reported that the selection of the supervisors as well as examination centers was already completed for the entire territory.


Education Ministry's Deputy Director General Ecclésiaste Télémaque stated that the quality of the subjects of examination will be precise and clear and the degree of difficult will match to what has been taught during the academic year.

Secondary Education's Director, Jackson Pléteau stated that almost 14,000 candidates will be prevented from appearing for the examination. Out of these 14,000 candidates, 6,000 are grouped as those who failed to respect the 3-year period between Rhaeto and fundamentals, 1,000 are those candidates who failed in the second and 7,000 are those who used false documents.

Education Minister, Vanneur Pierre called this to be a serious problem, something that is very unacceptable because a country's future depends on young generation and when young men and women use false or illegitimate paths to appear for the exam, it devalues the examination which has an international status. The minister said that as leaders, it is their duty to take corrective measures which can prevent this from happening for the sake of the society, the young men and women and their parents.

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Subject: Around 14,000 candidates for baccalaureate excluded of official exam in Haiti edit

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