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The 2013 Carnival Celebration Aboard Adriana Cruise Ship

National Carnival 2012 Committee announced the arrangements of a three day cruise ship. The cruise ship is expected to be in the Bay of Cayes all through the Carnival festival beginning 19th February till 22nd February. The Adriana Cruise ship M.V. is to serve as a floating hotel in the Cap-Haitian and Jacmel Carnival in 2013.

The Cruise - 18th February To 22nd February

This floating hotel, Adriana Cruise Ship, has a large number of facilities and amenities. It is expected to depart in the afternoon on 18th February, Saturday from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. All night, on board there will be a Masquerade Ball. It will arrive at Cayes on the morning of 19th February.

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The Caribbean Islands, once you see one you see them all

When it comes to tourism, Haiti has many strikes against it. The instability of the government of Haiti (GOH) scares off private investors, and lack of a major strategy hinders tourism development. Development companies like Chemonics International Inc., who has received $196 million in funding since 2010, are another impediment, doing virtually nothing to improve Haiti's tourism infrastructure.

It's not only a paucity of funding to build up infrastructure with more resort areas and trained hospitality workers; it's how Haiti is marketing itself. One industry insider reports Haiti is not emphasizing eco-tourism; another, the island has fallen prey to travel packages that don't encourage side excursions. In addition, trans-cultural exporting drains the island of all its color and flavor. Instead of hearing Compás, Zouk, and Racine music, tourists listen to non-Haitian Reggae. Cuisine is also imported, displacing Haitian foods raised and harvested that make up the national dining experience.

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Port-Salut as a Tourist Destination

Port-Salut is the Haitian tourist industry's best-kept secret. Located on the southern-most coastal part of the Tiburon Peninsula, it lies close to the western tip of it. Ironically, though it contains paved routes, very few tourists know of its existence. Beaches that embrace the village are made of white sand, fine and almost sugar-like in texture. Favorite beaches of the Haitian residents living there include Plage Macaya and Kalico.
A famous personage, who was born, raised, and resides there is former Haiti President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Electrical service is not dependable in Port-Salut and the natives retire and arise, according to the sun's setting and rising.

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Haiti first-ever pro-am mountain-bike race

Haiti has scored a first for its struggling tourism industry. It will host the first-ever pro-am mountain-bike race to be viewed on U.S. television, with sponsorship by Pepsi Max. The event called Mountain Bike (MT) Ayiti will challenge participants in a 65-mile race. It will include an 8,000 foot ascent up to La Visite National Park on the first day of the race.

Travelcology, another sponsor, is collaborating with Haiti's Ministry of Tourism (MOT) to promote breath-taking mountain trails in virgin land never before accessed by visitors. Upon reaching La Visite National Park, bike-racers will view its un-touched forest, before making the descent towards Marigot.

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Les Cayes Antoine-Simon Airport to Open South Region to Tourism

As part of a comprehensive initiative to bring more of the tourist trade to Haiti, Estrella contractors are building an annex to the Antoine-Simon Airport. Estrella, a Dominican Republic construction firm, will erect both a new terminal as well as a 3,000-meter airstrip. The government of Haiti (GOH) has commissioned the project to attract more tourism to the South Department.

On February 1, 2013, Haitian Prime Minister, Laurent Lamothe, placed the cornerstone of the terminal at a ground-breaking ceremony at Antoine-Simon Airport attended by representatives of the Les Cayes Mayor's Office, along with other government officials. In his remarks, Lamothe spoke of the GOH's wisdom in viewing the Haitian tourist industry as among the "promising sectors" for continued infrastructure development in the country. He added investing in Les Cayes with this expansion project will help the Haitian tourism industry produce many thousands of fresh jobs in the South Department.

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Importance of Periodic Government cabinet reshuffling

A cabinet reshuffle is commonly the only way to solve economic and social challenges faced by any country.

A cabinet reshuffle makes a way out for non-performing ministers and replaces them with fresh leadership. The action may also have ministers reassigned to different ministries. The exercise is done to get a non-performing nation back on course.

Prevailing leadership problems are as a result of the absence of proper management and vision in the government of a country and putting in place a new team helps regain confidence.

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Ti-Mouillage Beach near Jacmel

Near the city of Jacmel and on your way to Marigot, there are miles of undeveloped coastlines. Located on the outside of town is the imposing Ti-Mouillage Beach. This beautiful coast line is located approximately 17 km from Jacmel.

While you are on the beach of Ti-Mouillage, you will find several attractions

After enjoying a great time at Ti-Mouillage, you can go to the Fort Oge which was part of twenty Forts constructed after Haiti independence as a defensive system in the event the the French decided to return to the island to impose once again slavery. Fort Oge got its name after Vincent Oge , a leading figure of the Haitian Revolution.

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Haiti Rate Of Homicide Compared To other Caribbean Countries

In Haiti, there are a lot of false ideas related to security in comparison to the rest of the Caribbean. It is felt that the rate of homicides is high which alarm everyone.

Effect Of Giving Importance To Homicides
Fed up with this kind of information, the opposition makes claims regarding the instability of the government in ensuring safety to organizations related to human rights as well as citizens of Haiti. The recent warnings being updated by Canada and the United Statese, only create a further bad impression.

A lot of importance has been given to homicides so much so that everyone seems convinced of the same. In such a condition where security is not guaranteed, it is difficult to develop the tourism sector which prevents business development.

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Carrefour in Port-au-Prince And Its Tourism Fallout

The town of Carrefour in the Arrondissement of Port-au-Prince was once recognized as the leading tourist destination in the country. A lot of tourists used to come to this suburb of Port-au-Prince during the leadership of Jean Claude Duvalier. It was a prime spot for tourists, making it popular and boosting its potential. However, the time came that it lost its former glory. When Duvalier's reign ended, the city's tourism potential also lost its spark.

Things got even worse when a 7-magnitude earthquake rocked Haiti, devastating many towns and cities, including Carrefour. Because Carrefour was close to the capital, which was greatly affected by the disaster, the town also received a hard blow. Some 40% of all the town's buildings were destroyed, while the supply of electricity and other basic services were cut down, paralyzing the town.

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Ganthier And Its Tourism Potential

If there is one place in Haiti where tourists may want to visit, it can be the town of Ganthier in the Arrondissement of Croix-des-Bouquets. The town has a lot of great stuff to offer to tourists. It is known for the production of Haiti arts such as crafts, handiworks and others. There is actually a tourist shop where people can buy souvenirs. Tourists are also fond of Ganthier's environs, as well as the l'étang Saumâtre located near by.

In addition to the regular tourists flocking the city are the pilgrims who arrive every year. Thousands of natives and pilgrims come to Ganthier to visit a holy site called the Calvaire Miracle. Most of the pilgrims are Catholic and Voodoo followers who pray and wish to get rid of their problems and start a new life. In order to signify the challenges and burden they carry, the pilgrims hold stones over their heads.

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