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Premier Decameron Hotel Group to build First Beach Resort in Haiti

Hotel group Decameron All Inclusive Hotels & Resorts is set to become a presence in Haiti. Last November 2014 it arrived on the island on a fact-finding mission, and it has now been made public it will invest in the building of a new beach front property, which it will also manage. The hotel will be the first to colonize Haiti's spectacular coastline. Representatives of Decameron arrived in Haiti this week to complete the terms of the agreement, which will open up more opportunities for similar kinds of development projects in the future, helping the country with its economic expansion.

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The 175-room Marriott hotel opens in Haiti

The opening of Haiti's newest hotel, only the second in the country that is internationally branded, is being heralded as a new hope for the country. What it also could become, is a viable new hotel model within the region, bringing a functionality to the expected luxury that could well benefit the host country where it matters, their GDP. The effort of the partners Marriott and Digicel have made this possible through a $45 million USD investment that has birthed the 175-room ray of hope that is the Marriott Port-au-Prince.

What makes the hotel so full of potential to Haiti's tourism is obvious, it is beautiful, named and has a lot of press buzz, but what makes it full of economic potential for the country is the innovative business model set to fuel the daily needs of the hotel while heaping benefits on other businesses in the country. Various articles necessary for the day-to-day functionality of the hotel that can be sourced from local producers will be bought from these suppliers, ramping up the earnings of these business, small, medium, and large alike.

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U.S. Targeted TV Ad Campaign from Haiti Tourism Industry

Tourism in Haiti should get a significant boost in positive press on the heels of the country's newly launched ad campaign targeted towards the United States. The mission has been in progress for years now, by the Ministry of Tourism, to get more international people interested in the country as a first-class spot to vacation, being rich in the same beauty as their other, more popular neighbors in the Caribbean, and armed with a wealth of history, culture, art and new top-rated hotels.

The plan includes the operation of a cable channel to run all day long that will highlight the merits of the country and the possibilities for a vacation there. The entire ad campaign, as announced by the Tourism Minister, Stephanie Balmir Villedrouin, will be specifically aimed at travelers out of the tri-state region of New York, which includes diaspora members as well as other, unassociated, would-be-tourists. The ads will run on networks such as Food Network, CNN, The History Channel, Discovery Channel, AMC, A&E and News 12. The dedicated station, "Haiti: Experience It!", will be on Cablevision channel 650. There is even a tie-in to the website of News 12. Viewers of channel Haiti: Experience It! will have an interactive experience in which they can pick videos highlighting different aspects of Haitian travel to watch.

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IDB approved $36 million grant to foster tourism along Haiti's southern coastline

The statistics are that 80% of Haitians living in rural areas survive by farming for their food. The country has the lowest employment rate in the region with only 60% working within the formal sector. With Haiti's shift towards tourism for its main industry, hopes are high for those living in the capital and the more popular tourist cities in the north. But what about those in the southern parts of Haiti?

Those areas, with little by way of attraction for tourists seeking the beauty of the country, have been granted a possible foothold in Haiti's bright tourism future. It comes in the form of a grant of $36 million from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), to be used to nurture the tourist potential of sites along the southern coastline that are rich in natural resources, culture and history, but poor in aesthetic beauty, and proper industry facilities. Today, 90% of the historic attractions don't have the necessary facilities to make them useable. The towns aren't home to many, if any, beautiful hotels, the beaches are polluted and eroded, and even though some host international festivals, the infrastructure to receive tourists just isn't present.

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Ile a Vache Primed for Tourist Push to Haiti

After conducting preliminary reviews of several spots on Haiti, the Ministry of Tourism and the government of Haiti (GOH) have selected areas they have determined to possess the greatest potential for development of Haiti's tourist industry. One of the selected locales is the resort isle of Ile a Vache.

A complete overhaul of Ile a Vache's infrastructure has steadily been taking place. The Ministry of Communication announced not long ago the completion, or near completion of a half a dozen projects is readying the town for a future major influx of tourism. Projects include dredging of the land for new resort structures, a newly-built courthouse, renovated police station, new school, and placement of 250 street lights. To demonstrate the seriousness of its efforts to attract more tourist dollars, the GOH has also constructed an airstrip outside the city limits, and is in the process of erecting an airport terminal and hangars. Preliminary planning for 1,000 premium hotel units, an archaeology museum, night life infrastructure, cultural destinations, and retail establishments are also being readied.

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G Adventures Haiti Tours begin February 2015

The island of Haiti backed out of promoting itself as a tourist destination for several decades. But 2010's earthquake changed all that. Ever since there has been a concerted effort on the government of Haiti's (GOH) part to promote Haiti as a player in the international tourism industry.

Big changes have taken place in Haiti's tourism sector. The GOH has doubled the tourism budget to $4 million; a new division, Creative Industries, has been added to the Ministry of Tourism; and a boom in hotel construction has been occurring in such places as Port-au-Prince and Petion-Ville.

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Hilton to open its first hotel in Haiti, 150 rooms Hilton Garden Inn

If there is one sector of hope in Haiti, we all have to agree it is in its Hotel. After Oasis Hotel, Best Western Premier hotel which opened in Port-au-Prince's Petion-Ville suburb in the spring of 2013, Marriott hotel which is set to open in 2015, now it is the turn of a major hotel chain to announce that it is also interested in Haiti. Hilton has signed an agreement to open its first hotel in Haiti.

Tedd Middleton, vice president of development for Hilton World Wide America, signed an agreement on Thursday to open a 150 rooms Hilton Garden Inn in Port-au-Prince. The Haiti Prime Minister, Laurent Lamothe, who was present at the signing ceremony, took the opportunity to invite other business people around the world to come to Haiti and invest as well. As he often stated, the prime Minister said that "Haiti is moving forward to attract investment". Hilton Garden is expected to be open in Haiti in 2016.

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Air Canada rouge to fly to Haiti

Haiti is not just open for business, but tourism as well, showing that the frequent trips made by members of the government, especially as it relates to those in the tourism ministry, have not been a waste of money. Adding to the recent roster of new tourism opportunities being introduced to the steadily pushing-forward country, is the announced planned increase in seat numbers being offered by Air Canada's shift in carriers.

Air Canada announced on January 27, 2014 that their subsidiary leisure carrier, Air Canada rougeTM will be expanding Air Canada's carrying capacity to Caribbean destinations for the summer following the conversion of former Air Canada Toronto and Montreal routes to Air Canada rouge. The changed routes include that from Montreal to Haiti's Port-au-Prince, previously charted by the company's mainline carrier.

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Martelly Government Cuts a Deal for 100 New Tourist Taxis

The Martelly government, with assistance from financial stakeholders, inaugurated the Association of Tourist Taxi Drivers Support Program (ATTDSP) in December. The idea of ATTDSP is to improve taxi service at the Toussaint Louverture International Airport (TLIA). More efficient service is particularly important to the transport of foreign visitors from TLIA to luxury hotels nearby.

The funding of $2 million provided by Haiti's Central Bank (CB), National Bank of Credit (NBC), and Banque Populaire Haitienne (BPH) will allow purchase of 100 taxi vehicles, to be repaid by drivers belonging to the Drivers Guide Association of Haiti (DGAH) and the Independent Drivers for Development Association (IDDA).

At the launch ceremony, President Martelly was joined by CB Governor, Charles Castel, representatives of tourist and tourist taxi drivers associations, and Minister of Tourism, Stephanie Villedrouin. Martelly expressed his gratitude to CB, NBC, and BPH for their participation in the program to increase tourism on the island, essential to growing Haiti's economy. Castel praised Martelly for adopting policies that will strengthen the tourism sector, and recommitted CB to persevere in opening up availability of credit for Haitian tourism workers.

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Port-Salut Needs more Development as Tourist Destination

In the South Department of Haiti, along its shoreline, lies the sublime beauty of Port-Salut, a hidden treasure. The town was the birth place of both former President, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, and Prime Minister, Jean-Marie Cherestal.

Although Port-Salut is considered one of the most appealing places on Haiti's tourist map to visit, it has not been developed enough to encourage more tourist dollars to be spent there. The World Tourist Development has largely ignored the potential of Port-Salut to offer more than just its sliver-sand beaches, which can be found anywhere on the island. Rather for eco-tourists to discover the rich variety of its flora- and fauna-proliferated terrain is where the town needs to head in having its unique ecology promoted. The Haitian Diaspora is starting to recognize possibly the most appealing tourist destination in the South Department. Port-Salut's cleanliness and its warm-hearted people residing there add to its attraction.

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