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Milot, home of Sans Souci Palace

One of the Nord Department's municipalities is one of the most popular sites in the northern area of Haiti. Milot is a leading tourist attraction of the country, housing several historical landmarks and sites and having a rich history.

Milot is 20 kilometres from Cap-Haitien, a popular coastal city in the northern part of Haiti. In the 1800s, it was proclaimed as the country's first site capital by King Henri Christophe. Under King Henri I's rule, the beautiful Sans-Souci Palace was constructed from 1810 to 1813. The construction also included the building of eight smaller palaces, fifteen chateaus, several forts and summer homes, as well as twenty plantations, all owned and managed by the then royal family. The Palace is the notorious site of King Henri I's suicide in 1820. In 1842, it was destroyed by a strong earthquake and was never rebuilt. Despite its rough shape, it remains one of the most enamouring sites to see in Haiti, resulting in its designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982.

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Haiti Prepares for Carnival in Cap-Haitien

As part of its decentralization program the government of Haiti (GOH) has implemented since President Martelly assumed office, the city of Cap-Haïtien has been selected to be the venue for Carnival 2013. The event will be held on February 10, 11, and 12.

Ms. Elsa Baussan, representative from President Martelly's administrative staff, attended a meeting of the North-Area Office of the Ministry of Tourism (MOT) to plan the execution of Carnival in Cap-Haïtien. After the meeting, she spoke with the press, expressing President Martelly's desire tourists become acquainted with the "historical uniqueness of every region of the country"

Ardrouin Zéphyrin, North-Area's MOT representative, elated about the selection of Cap-Haïtien as Carnival's host, has committed all his department's resources to ensure the event is successful.

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Haiti Tourism Advisory Council Seeks Public - Private Partnerships

The Ministry of Tourism in Haiti has succeeded in forming a Tourism Advisory Council (TAC), approved by an official government order issued on December 5, 2012. The tourism board, made up of public- and private-sector agencies and other tourism-related organizations, met for the first time on January 15, 2013.

Haiti Minister of Tourism (MOT) Stephanie Villedrouin is the chairwoman of the newly-conceived TAC. She presented TAC's mission with a wide-ranging agenda of goals, responsibilities, areas of interest, contracts, and application of a Master Plan.

The first agenda item of TAC aims at getting the government of Haiti (GOH) to allow MOT the opportunity to form partnerships with public and private tourist organizations to share knowledge and resources. TAC, Villedrouin explained, will bear responsibility for initiating proposals to overcome challenges while developing Haiti's tourism industry. This will involve creating policies and programs to make Haiti's history, cultural roots, and art-making sectors marketing tools in courting the tourist trade.

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The Town of Vallue in Haiti, beautiful locality near Petit Goave

Haiti is home to the most beautiful and breath-taking tourist destinations in the world. Recently, the country's hidden wonders have been gaining international attention, attracting an increasing number of tourists yearly. This growing boom in Haiti's tourism industry, in turn, has been helping the country's economy greatly.

Haiti is surrounded by bodies of water, making the perfect Caribbean getaway. One of the most highly-recommended spots for some peace and quiet is the coastal city of Vallue in Petit-Goave. It is located in the country's West department, about 70 kilometers away from Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince. Petit-Goave is one of the oldest settlements in the region, developed in the 16th century by the French and the Spanish conquerors.

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Transat, first Canadian company to offer vacation packages to Haiti

Haiti has slowly been getting back to its feet after the 2010 earthquake and one way of doing that is by bringing Transar to the country.

We have been trying out innovative ways in order to bring revenue to the country through its different industries. One of the recent industries the government has been focusing on and trying to promote in the international community is that of tourism, utilizing the natural beauty and splendor of the island country.

Haiti has great potential in becoming the leading tourist destination in the tropical Caribbean, thanks to the recent partnership between the Haitian tourism sector and an international tour company for this winter season. Transat A.T., Inc., a Canadian-based tour operator, has recently offered vacation packages to Haiti starting on the 23rd of January, 2013. Montreal will be the tour's origin where 30 seats per flight provided by Air Transat and Air Canada shall be designated for the tour package.

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Port-au-Prince Marriott Project is Shovel-Ready

Marriott and Digicel have brokered a partnership agreement to build Marriott's first luxury hotel in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The ground-breaking ceremonies took place on Wednesday December 19, 2012.

Anticipating an influx of business travelers flying into Port-au-Prince, Arne Sorenson, President and CEO of Marriott International, feels certain the partnership between Marriott and Digicel can contribute significantly to Haiti's recovery efforts. He asserts job creation of more than 1,000-plus positions in the hospitality industry will actualize the potential talent existing among the population of Port-au-Prince and adjacent areas. He added together Digicel and Marriott can put the country back on its feet and in time re-establish Port-au-Prince as a premier travel destination.

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Digicel Entrepreneur of the Year 2012, Jean Lionel Pressoir

The 2012 Digicel Entrepreneur of the Year went to Jean Lionel Pressoir. Mr. Pressoir is the current CEO of Lojistik SA Haiti Tours. The company Lojistik SA, was founded in 2004 and provides transportation for visitors. He is also radio host in Port-au-Prince. Jean Lionel Pressoir co-hosts the program Vision-Destination aired on Vision 2000.

The Digicel Entrepreneur of the year for 2012 was held on Tuesday, December 18 at the Hotel Karibe in Port-au-Prince. This year, the theme was "Building for our next". Mr. Jean Lionel Pressoir was the grand winner this year. He won in several categories such as education, tourism and culture.

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Lionel Pressoir 2012 Digicel Entrepreneur

Digicel, an active partner with the government of Haiti (GOH), held its annual award presentation ceremony to recognize outstanding contributions and achievements of entrepreneurs. Eight awards were handed out at the event with 700 attendees, among them GOH officials and representatives of the private sector.

The top-award recipient, Haitian entrepreneur Lionel Pressoir, received awards in two categories. He won the coveted "Digicel Entrepreneur of the Year 2012" in addition to the "Digicel Education, Tourism, and Culture" award.

Pressoir won for his involvement in reviving the Haitian tourism industry. He started Lojistik SA to create tailored travel packages to incentivize travelers to come to Haiti. Before his involvement in the tourism industry, Pressoir successfully set up two apparel companies that hired 650 employees. In addition to his business activities, he established Foundation Destination Haiti to support non-government organizations helping in the country's reconstruction efforts.

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Tourism Development Plan of Jacmel, "Destination Jacmel"

The Haitian Minister of Tourism, Stéphanie Balmir Villedrouin, and the greater government council continue the efforts to rebrand the country as a leading tourist destination within the Caribbean and the wider Western Hemisphere. Past projects to achieve this end have included a push from the tourism minister for a Caribbean airline, and efforts to revitalize Île à Vache. Most recently they have turned their sights to the restoration and rebranding of Jacmel.

With its prominent history and the remnants of this still present in the 19th century buildings, some of which were badly damaged by the 2010 earthquake, the southern town, founded in 1698, has been informally considered as a World Heritage site. Its fame is tied to its historical involvement in the War of Knives, and in the creation of the flag of Venezuela.

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Stephanie Villedrouin to Re-Shape the Image of Haiti

Minister of Tourism in Haiti, Stephanie Villedrouin, is on a whirl-wind tour of the U.S. and Canada in an effort to promote more tourism in Haiti. At the 14th Haitian Compas Festival in Miami, Florida, The Minister took the opportunity to showcase the Ministry of Tourism's (MOT) re-designed logo and tagline, emblazoned on T-shirts and sports caps, worn by the MOT representatives.

Accompanying Minister Stephanie Villedrouin was her Cabinet and the Regional Directors of MOT, who used iPads to show the tourist attractions being readied for an anticipated influx of tourism to Haiti. More promotional tools to motivate the festival-goers included banners displayed inside MOT tents, showing montages of Haiti travel destinations and landmarks. Between musical acts on stage, MOT displayed the new logo on a huge screen to a crowd numbering more than 20,000.

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