Belly Beach AKA, Coco Beach near Labadee and Cap-Haitian

Belly Beach, also known as Coco Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Haiti and over years, it has grown into a popular tourist destination. Located near Labadee and Cap-Haitian, it is a perfect sojourn for escapism from the busy urban life. Amidst the exotic beauty of the white sand, blue waters and the hovering greeneries, the Belly Beach is a beautiful little cove that offers various water sports and scores of other entertainments for the tourists.


Remote and almost virgin, the Belly Beach offers gorgeous clear waters and is a port for the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. A tropical paradise, the Coco Beach is also known for its beautiful weather and an array of coconut trees surrounding the beach like an impregnable fortress. It is perfect for those who want their imaginations to run wild without being disturbed.

It is not just the natural beauty that makes it so gorgeous and beautiful. The Belly Beach is a point where the local culture breeds within its shell and germinates out to mate with foreign traditions brought down by foreign tourists. Those who love art and tradition are welcomed with open heart by the local artisans who win hearts with their traditional articles blessed with the whole spectrum of colors.

From beach activities to accommodation, from drinking to dinning, from cheerful cries to romantic serenity, the Belly Beach has a piece of delicacy for everyone visiting the island. Young or adult, man or woman, Belly Beach calls everyone to heal their souls in the lap of gentle Nature.

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