Transparency International found corruption in Haiti to decrease

So many moons have passed in the Caribbean nation of Haiti where it was governed by the hands and hearts of corrupt leaders, that a break from the norm sometimes seemed an unattainable dream. Recently, however, a small beam of light has been shed in this dark corner, elucidated by a ranking of the country's corruption rate by Transparency International.


Just since last year, Haiti's prospects have looked up with their ranking in the corruption index published by the organization being two places less than what it was in 2012. Out of 177 ranked countries, Haiti now holds 163rd place, a jump which looks even more propitious when one considers that Haiti has moved up 10 whole places in the last two years from their 2011 spot at 175th. The new position means that Haiti has, at last, ascended from the list of the five most corruption nations.

The change has been greatly attributed to the passing of the 2005 corruption law, which has done much to broaden the range of methods for the prevention and punishment of acts of corruption within the country. The law, which the Lower House has yet to pass, discerns 17 types of corruption which include: the diversion and embezzlement of public property, misappropriation, influence peddling, laundering of the proceeds of crime, illicit enrichment, bribery, nepotism, the ober billing and the secret funding of political parties. If found guilty of any of these cases persons could face prison sentences from 3 to 15 years.

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