More Police, Less Troops, MINUSTAH to leave Haiti by 2016

In fact, if everything goes according to plan, The United Nations will be out of Haiti by October, 2016 or exactly one year from now. Sandra Honore who is currently in charge of the peacekeeping mission in Haiti was able to receive one year extinction from U.N. Security Council to keep the troop in order to assist wit the upcoming elections.


The one year this time is focused more on Police offices to train Haiti national Police force. This one yea renewal will involve 2,370 troops and 2,601 police officers. U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon expects a total withdrawal by October of 2016.

As you may recollect, MINUSTAH was established in June 2004 under a UN Security Council resolution. It was to replace a Multinational Interim Force after the forced departure of president Jean-Bertrand Aristide. It came with a mandate to restore a secure and stable environment, promote a functioning political process, strengthen Government institutions and rule-of-law-structures as well as to promote, protect human rights. A plan for gradual withdrawal of MINUSTAH was also established.

One thing that will mark the passage of the peacekeeping force in Haiti is the October 2010, cholera outbreak. For the first time in more than 100 years Haitian were diagnosed with a Cholera strain traced to a region in Nepal from which a UN peacekeeping contingent arrived days before the outbreak. This actually cost the lives of several thousands of Haitians and until today, the United nations doesn't want to take responsibility for.

Do you think that MINUSTAH peacekeeping mission in Haiti will end by October of 2016 as planned?

Do you think that PNH can effectively assure the security of the Haitian population without the help of MINUSTAH?

Will you actually miss them once they leave?

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Pierre says...

Politically Haiti is not a safe environment and can't not be moved forward without the help and assistance provided by the international

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Subject: More Police, Less Troops, MINUSTAH to leave Haiti by 2016 edit

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