Haitian Nurse suing hospital for teasing with Voodoo Doll

We all probably experienced this one time or another; however one Haitian nurse working in Long Island hospital is doing something about it. Diana St. Gerard who is a light skin Haitian nurse has been discriminated by other staff members for her background. They assume that because she is Haitian, therefore, she must be practicing "Black magic" and Voodoo.


According to Diana St. Gerard, the white staff at Long Island hospital made her life a living hell there. During the nine years that she worked in the mental health unit she was faced with many incidents of discrimination. Nurses have told St. Gerard that she looked like a voodoo doll; another staff member actually brought a voodoo doll at the Hospital once.

Some wondered why she had light-colored skin when she came from Haiti. Other complained about her food, stating that the food she brings leave odor to the lunch room. Some of the staff think that her Creole or French accent is irritating.

After many complaints to the administration of the hospital, management took no action, according to Diana St. Gerard. She was fired June 7, 2012. She has decide to sue the Hospital

Mezanmi, Kombyen fwa nou rive nan yon sitiasyon konsa? Kombyen fwa ke ou ape pake ak yon etrange et pi li panse paske ou se Ayisyen, ou pratike vodou? mwen ginyin yon ide de sa Diana St. Gerard tap pran pandan nef anne nan lopital sa ki rele "Long Island hospital"

Se yon sel bagay ke experians sa banm, se ke Lè mwen ouè you moun, mwen pa janm asime ke Lefet ke ou soti nan yon payi, tout sa ke mwen tande de payi sa mwen panse ke ou fè pati de yo

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Nitchela says...

OMG! This is crazy...it doesn't mean that because she's light skin and Haitian that she is practicing voodoo...She has totally the right to sue them...This is prejudice and

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