Rene Preval and marriage with Elisabeth Debrosse Delatour Preval

Whoever said love only happens once had certainly not read about the twice divorced former Haitian President René Préval and his wife Elisabeth, the widow of the Bank of the Republic of Haiti's former governor, Leslie Delatour. Indeed, no strangers to matrimony at sixty-six and forty-seven respectively, the two took the familiar vows, made fresh by their new commitment to each other, on Sunday December 6, 2009 at the Delatour home in Furcy, Haiti at 11am. It was an intimate ceremony, with only fifty guests. They followed it by honeymooning for two days and then took up residence in the National Palace on December 9.


Before their marriage, she had been employed as the president's economic advisor. Her previous jobs included working for a Haitian electricity company and as a road contractor. She had attained an MBA in 1988 from The George Washington University.

First Lady Elisabeth Debrosse Delatour Preval hit the ground running in her duties as the president's wife when, after the January 2010 earthquake and her personal near-tragedy following the collapse of the National Palace they narrowly escaped, she put to rest rumors of her demise by speaking to reporters of her expectation for the 'solidarity among the people' showing there was hope that Haiti would make it. She stated unequivocally that the government had not collapsed and was functioning, though there were legitimate concerns as to its effectiveness after the earthquake. She would go on to host the First and Second Ladies of the United States in their visit to Haiti three months following the devastation.

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