Joseph Lambert strategically placing himself to win

The Lambert brothers, Joseph and Wincesclass Lamber, were defeated in the last legislative election in Haiti. It will be strange not to hear a Lambert represent the Sud-Est. Joseph lambert attributed his lost to some 4,000 of his votes that were not counted in Cote-de-Fer. Even more surprising is the attitude adopted by Joseph Lambert to accept the election results and not to challenge the votes.


What should we make of this?

Why has a political animal such as Joseph Lambert decided to react that way?

What does he have under his sleeves?

This is what is disturbing to me. Joseph Lambert accused for CEP for fraud; however he refused to go and contest the results. He accused the CEP of removing some election supervisors in the Sud-Est just days before the elections in order to control the results. Despite all that, Lambert elected to go down with his dignity.

Is there a chance that our famous political master Joseph Lambert is positioning himself for yet better times to come?

Political analyst such as Valery Numa of Vision 2000 thinks that Joseph Lambert is offering himself as a holocaust to provide credibility to the electoral process and the CEP.

What game is the Political Animal playing?
At this point it's a win, win situation for Joseph Lambert. According to some experts, he is well positioned to go even further in his political career. Like Jovenel Moise, Joseph lambert is with the political Party PHTK and he already made it known that his candidate for the presidential election is Jovenel Moise. On the other hand, five years ago, Joseph Lambert was the campaign manager for Jude Celestin and they are still very good friends.

According to Lambert, "Li fasil kraze boutèy Lambert-a, men pwoblèm la se nan ranmase zinglin yo apre", meaning it is easy to break the Lambert glass Bottle, but the problem is to clean it after.

What do you think?

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bris sapat parole tafia tout noune ce victim a la de coze

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