Illegal Immigrant Labor Exploitation

U.S. business people are major contributors to the illegal immigration labor problem that has beset America for years, especially the last four.


American workers watch as good-paying employment continues to be outsourced, and illegals pass border patrols to enter and obtain subsistent-paying jobs. Nationally, unemployment figures are still well above normal levels. The occupy movements that have proliferated across the country are testament that the 99% are crying out for justice.

Congress has not addressed either job outsourcing or illegals' hiring issues that worsen the immigration labor problem. Dave Gibson, a former state-government administrator, observes self-serving politicians have colluded with dishonest businesspeople to exacerbate the immigration labor issue. They are accepting inappropriate monies businesspeople have pocketed through saving enormous amounts of money on payroll expenses employing illegals.

To illustrate a typical case of the impunity businesspeople, who hire illegals enjoy, restaurateur Michel Malecot, twice-charged with employing illegal immigrants, drew a five-year probation sentence, a penalty of less than half a million dollars, some probation time, and no jail term. He acknowledged he had employed not only 91 illegals in three years, but re-hired many of them, knowing about their fake social security cards.

The payroll savings Malecot accrued during two decades would be enough to lobby Congressional members to stall any legislation addressing outsourcing and illegals' hiring. A bi-partisan issue, the Obama administration needs to work with Congress to author, legislate, and enact laws, giving stiff sentences and penalties to businesspeople violating U.S. federal laws prohibiting hiring of illegals.

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