Advantages And Disadvantages Of Freelancing

Freelancing is not for everyone. It has its pros and cons as well. So, if you ever want to quit that regular job of yours and try your hand at freelancing, you may want to take several factors into consideration first.


The Pros

Flexibility is one the best upsides of freelancing. When you are a freelancer, you can set your own work schedule and pace. Moreover, you can choose different projects to work on, as you won't be limited to a certain job role.

Another good thing about freelancing is that you can build a wide base of contacts and clients. People who have been freelancing for a few years already have a great network. They know who to call for certain projects anytime.

The Cons

While freelancing sounds very ideal, there are some downsides to it. You won't feel financially stable, especially if you are just starting out. Remember that you will earn per project, unlike being employed in a company that pays you every month. No project means no income.

Receiving your payment can also be a bit problematic, particularly if you and your client had a misunderstanding. When you commit to a project, it is the client's discretion when and how to pay you. Even if both parties agreed on a certain payment arrangement, there is little you can do if the client goes MIA or refuses to settle your bill.

Now that you know these pros and cons of freelancing, you can better determine whether it is the kind of job situation for you or not.

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