Jean Renel Sénatus, Youri Latortue Senators in the first round

The final results of the 1st round of legislative elections in Haiti are finally public. We finally learned that a total of 2 senators and 8 deputies have already been elected in the first round or since August 9, 2015.


Here are the candidates who have been elected in the first round:

- Jean Renel Sénatus (West - LIDE), with 43.18%
- Youri Latortue, AAA, Artibonite Department with 46%.

- Cholzer Chancy, Ennery (Artibonite) - AAA
- Fritz Chery, Gros Morne (Artibonite) - AAA
- Garcia Delva, Dessalines (Artibonite) - PHTK
- A. Rodon Bien-Aimé , Cerca-Carvajal/Quartier de los Palis (Centre) - PHTK
- Gabriel Lyonel Jean, Lascahobas (Centre) - VERITE
- Rony Celestin, Cerca-la-Souce (Centre) - PHTK
- Bernard Anouce Jhon, Beaumon (Grand Anse) - PHTK
- Jackie Guerrier, Poite-à-Raquette (West) - INITE PATRIYOTIK

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