Youri Latortue denounces Jocelerme Privert and Edgar Leblanc secret deal

Who can accuse Haitian politic for not being interesting? After Prime Minister Evans Paul and many other pro PHTK supporters who who have been openly attacking President Jocelerme Privert, now is the turn of the Senator of Artibonite, Youri Latortue. According to the Senator, there is a secret agreement that exists between the Provisional President Jocelerme Privert and Edgar Leblanc who came close second in the election by the Haitian Senate for the nomination of the Provisional President that took place recently. According to Youri Latortue, the agreement was that Privert would become President with Edgar Leblanc placed as Prime Minister.


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Youri Latortue denonse sekrè kontra entre Jocelerme Privert ak Edgar Leblanc

Ki moun ki ka akize politik ayisyen pou paske li pa enteresan? Apre Premye Minis Evans Paul ak lot fanatik PHTK ki te ouvètman ape atake Prezidan Jocelerme Privert, kounye a se Senatè nan Latibonit la, Youri Latortue. Slon Senatè a, gen yon akò sekrè ki egziste entre Prezidan Pwovizwa an Jocelerme Privert ak Edgar Leblanc Ki moun ki te vini an dezyèm nan eleksyon ki tap fet nan Sena ayisyen an pou te nomine Prezidan Pwovizwa dènyèman. Slon Youri Latortue, akò a se pou Privert te vin Prezidan e pos Premye Minis la te rete pou Edgar Leblanc.

Ki sa ou panse?

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Subject: Youri Latortue denounces Jocelerme Privert and Edgar Leblanc secret deal edit

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