The Assassination of Jean Dominique

A writer from London's Independent stated that Jean Dominique has given one final service to Haiti by perishing 'in a hail of bullets', explaining that the life-long advocate of building democracy in Haiti by eradicating corruption at all levels had managed to turn the eyes of the world to a country only noticed when the bodies start to pile up.


On April 3, 2000, having arrived in the courtyard of Radio Haiti Inter, the station he founded in the early 70's, Jean Léopold Dominique was killed as a result of 4 shots to the chest. The attack, which also claimed the life of a station employee, was carried out before the early morning show Dominique was slated to begin.

The case has been wildly speculated about, with suspicion falling first to his recent subjects suspected of corruption, Pharval Laboratories and former Haitian Senator Dany Toussaint. Supporters of Toussaint had staged attacks at the station before and death threats to Dominique had abounded. He quickly became the prime suspect after he refused to testify on grounds of parliamentary immunity and Pharval Laboratories offered some assistance towards the investigation.

Though a number of arrests have been made, the person(s) behind the attack has never been found, the first judge presiding over the investigation fled to America after maintaining that Toussaint should be charged for murder, and three gunmen arrested under the Aristide government were never charged and escaped under the Gerald Latortue government.

This last especially has led to the questioning of the motives behind Dominique's murder as being politically motivated. Reporters Without Borders called for an embargo on aid to the government, citing suspicions that the Aristide government had intentionally hindered the investigation. It is a question the former president, along with former President René Préval will face when they answer their subpoenas on March 14.

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