The G-8 will not meet the OAS mission

The opposition group G-8 thinks that it would be a waste of their time to meet with the Organization of American States' mission (OAS), as a result declined to meet them. The OAS mission came to Haiti last Sunday to help find a solution to the current electoral crisis, following an invitation from President Michel Martelly. According to Mr. Samuel Madistin who is a member of the G-8, the OAS mission is not welcome and unable to play any role as a mediator. "The OAS doesn't help Haiti come out of crisis, instead creates more crisis," said Madistin, referring to the 2010 election where Jude Celestin was eliminated from the run off.


Haitian Kreyol:

G-8 la pa pral rankontre OEA

Gwoup opozisyon G-8 panse ke se ta gaspiye tan yo pou yo ta kontre ak 'ganizasyon Misyon Eta Ameriken(OEA), kòm rezilta yo refize al kontre yo. Misyon OEA te rive Ayiti Dimanch dènye pou ede jwenn yon solisyon a kriz elektoral sa, apre yon envitasyon ki te soti nan min Prezidan Michel Martelly. Dapre Mesye Samyèl Madistin ki se yon manm nan G-8, misyon OEA pa kapab jwe yon wòl kòm yon medyatè. "OEA pa ede Ayiti vini soti nan kriz, olye li ede kreye plis kriz," Madistin te di. Li tap refere li a eleksyon 2010 kote Jude Celestin te elimine soti dezyèm tou.

Ki sa ou panse?

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