The Haitian Joudalist just learned that Wyclef Jean is out

A reliable source just informed "The Haitian Joudalist" that Wyclef Jean is not among the candidates approved to run in the next Haiti presidential election. Our source told us that the reason why Wyclef was not approved is because he did not meet many of the requirements to run for Haiti presidency position.


Our source did not want to say much but admitted that one of the reasons Wyclef was not approved to run is that he did not meet the residency requirement.

A Pa Li Papa!

What do you think about this breaking news?

Do you think Wyclef Jean was not approved because he did not meet the residency requirement?

Do you think he was rejected because he does not speak French? "Vive La France"

How many people believe that we was not accepted because of his musical background?

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Subject: The Haitian Joudalist just learned that Wyclef Jean is out edit

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