United states revoked visa of Haitian Officials

The "Haitian Joudalist" just learned that the United states has revoked the U.S. Visa of some Rene Preval Government officials for their role in the Haiti election fraud. The names have not been released, however, Visa for nine members of Rene Preval Government were taken away for contributing in "Magoull" to the November election.


You hit them where it hearts!

The U.S. States Department stated they might increase the least. On the other hand, CNN announced that he obtained from credible sources that the list will grow to two dozens.

The U.S. States Department called once again for free and fair election in Haiti

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Pierre-m Antoine says...

that one thing they never learn after they use you and they reject you the same way like don't give visas what a visas, this is the same way as a ditator you do what i want or i don't pay you about that what is wrong with that

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Subject: United states revoked visa of Haitian Officials edit

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