US, Haiti Transition from Post-Disaster to Building & Long-Term Development

As per Haitian- Caribbean News Network information dated June 9, 2014, a report issued by the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs on Haiti's rebuilding effort on the transition from a devastating earthquake four years ago, the US State Department has acknowledged Haiti's successful attempt in rebuilding, encouraging private investment, job creation and long term development, among other things. The country is approaching its five year mark since the devastating earthquake of 2010 that killed nearly 300,000 people. The report puts emphasis on the facts that as of June 2014, more than 90% of the 1.5 million displaced persons living in the temporary shelters have found alternative housing. Almost all the earthquake debris has been removed, private investment was at ten year's high in 2013 and thousands (approximately 30,000 jobs) of jobs were created in the country's growing export apparel sector. Thousands of farmers have yielded higher corps and more income.


The annual growth rate of the country of Haiti since 2011, including 4.3% of 2013 was one of the highest in the region. The private investment in the country grew at a higher rate than the foreign assistance; practically it has outpaced foreign spending by 100%. The US government offered nearly $4 billion assistance to support life-saving post-disaster relief including reconstruction, long term recovery and development programs. The country has remained successful in reducing administrative delays, creation of enterprises and encouraging growth prospective. The report underlines the fact that both United States and Haiti are partners in promoting the core values of democracy and human rights. Both the nations belong to a number of similar international organizations like the IMF, UNO, WTO, World Bank and Organization of American States (OAS). The report includes a list of achievements in last four years.

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Subject: US, Haiti Transition from Post-Disaster to Building & Long-Term Development edit

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