Video Live - First Interview by Michel Martelly with John Yearwood of Miami Herald

This is an interview that our President-Elect gave to John Yearwood, a reporter of Miami Herald this week. I would say that Michel Martelly handled himself pretty well. As you see in the video, there were several areas discussed in the interview.


Michel Martelly stated that the people of Haiti have chosen changes and because he was identified as such, he was selected.

In the area of job for the Haitian population, Martelly wants to focus on agricultural programs. "Haiti needs diversity", according to him. He intends to put peasants back to work.

As to the ongoing reconstruction of Haiti after the earthquake, Michel Martelly talked to John Yearwood of Miami Herald about transparency. He want to make sure the projects are good for Haiti before he giving his approval. Martelly also said that he has already identified some lands and financing sources to built permanent housing for the people under the tents.

He briefly addressed some of the more controversial subjects such as the Haitian military, the return of former presidents Jean-Claude Duvalier and Jean Bertrand Aristide, and the selection of the next Haiti Prime Minister. On the question of the military, Michel Martelly told John Yearwood that he does not think it was necessary to eliminate the entire force.

Here is the video:


How would you rate the performance of President-Elect Michel Martelly in this interview?

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Twiggy says...

How could any of this be better steatd?


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Phd says...

Very please about what I heard and hope the haitian people gives him a chance to prove

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Mano Haiti says...

The newly elected president, Michel Martelly is not a politician, but native (natal) Haitian.

He knows the past Haitians politicians and what they have done wrong.

They are all in the past now, don't dress Michel Martelly yet like a politician.

Just wait and see. President, Michel Martelly! He is going to do what no one else before him has done for Haiti Cherie in the past 50 years.

He is 50 years old brave

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Dolores says...

Since we eliminate the old type of politicians, hopefully this time around will be different.

Let's hope Michel Martelly can makes a difference and brings changes in

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Patrick L. says...

How long will it take you to realize that Michel Martelly is a Politician just like all the others.

Michel Martelly is a politician and regardless how much we want the country to change, he will be interested primarily on how to keep poyer.

I always have a problem with all of you who think things will suddently change in haiti.

The hope was even higher when Aristide just got

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Jerome C. says...

The task will be hard for the newly elected President.

It seems like he is already engage himself in a new campaign.

He want to campaign now about the fact that all the things he promissed are impossible to be done in 5 years.

According to Wyclef Jean, the expectation is for 25 years.

Politicians are professional

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Nanou says...

What a contrast between a president who can not speak and one who can. This is what you will getg with Martelly.

He will tell you what is going on.

That is why we elected him. He were tired of the politicians who know how to answer the question but never say the

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Paula G. says...

I am a one hundred percent Martelly supporter.

You can see it already that this man will make a difference in Haiti.

He is in it not for him, but for the people of Haiti.

It is about time we have some Haitian leaders who love their country more than their

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