Major Changes in Haiti Political landscape with the Election of Michel Martelly

The election of Michel Martelly in the Caribbean country of Haiti marks the beginning of a new era. You are experiencing the beginning of a shift. This is a time when a new generation of Haitians is taking over to provide new leadership and at the same time allowing the old, to leave with grace.


The road will not be easy for them because this new generation of Haitian politicians will not have political experience. Don't worry; their common sense which is much higher than that of the old school will compensate for any lack in political experience.

The old generation of Haitian politicians did not do a good job. At the end of their period, we can all agree that they deserve no more than an F grade for their performance:

The following is the grading information on Haitian Politicians for the past 50 years:
Comprehension: D
Teamwork: F
Tolerance: F
Use of Modern Technology: D
Use of Position to Help Those in Need: F
Use of Qualified Individuals to fill Open Positions: D
Compassion: F
Open to New Ideas: F
Dependability: F
Sharing Ability: F

They had a chance and did not take advantage of it. now it is over. The young people of Haiti are sick and tired of politic as usual in Haiti.

From now on, there is no way you can become president of Haiti if you are not up to date with the new technology. If you still believe that the way to convey your message is by radio, television and impressive speeches:

Hallooooooo... this does not work anymore.........

Let me give you a hint about the next generation of Haitian leaders: they own a facebook and tweeter account and are communicating mainly via text messages.

These next leaders do not necessarily know the name of most of our current Haitian politicians, they speak Creole, French or English fluently. They listen to T-Vive, CaRiMi Djakout Mizik, Rap Kreyol, etc.

If you are interested in Haitian politic and don't fall in this category, I would suggest that you reconsider.

My advise is to develop messages that are interesting and that would be of interest to the young crowd.

- Do you know how to communicate via Facebook and tweeter?
- Do you know how to take any information and make it Social Network friendly?
- Do you now how to have internet sites and bloggers to constantly talk about you?

This is an observation from the "Haitian Joudalist".


How would grade past Haitian politicians?

Would you give them an A, B, C, D, of F for their services to the nation?

Do you think these old Haitian politicians have a chance in the future?

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Ticomere says...

You have a point but the role that each Haitian has to play must be defined.

The current administrator is trying its last poker card!!! Lavas, united party! You're done!! If you really love your people and country, show your courage and characters and step down!!! Haitians are ready for

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Paul says...

I believe then principles of conduct behind each great nation or nation in search of greatness, are to do temporal reassessment, reevaluation of our position in the world and to accept our realities.

We have been trumpeting for years that we, Haitians, have understood and accepted the very complex concept of Democracy, its laws and its flaws.

This is again a great opportunity to show to the world that we are adult in our behavior and intelligent in our actions.

Through an accepted electoral process, Haitians who have voted, have chosen a CEO. This a right, this is a prerogative and a choice.

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Edgar King says...

Hi Roland! All the comments I have read are GOOD! There is a lot of anger towards the earlier leaders, who were more dictators, than presidents! Who looked after their-own welfare, and not the masses (Haitians)! And Haitians have always known that they were worthy of better treatment, welfare, and direction.

So now, they have Martely! They will not stand for more of the same, but expect, and demand their due, as faithful citizens of their Beloved-Haiti! Martely will have to DO or DIE, is what the people are saying! No more Bull-Derm, and dictatorship, but Love, Compassion, Respect, and the determination to make Haiti "RISE.UP" from the ashes, and bring New-Life, Hope, Respect, and Dignity to a people who have suffered unjustly throughout the

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Marco says...

I think it is a disgrace to call your self Haitian, you might as well kill your self beacause you sitting there pointing finger at Michel Martely you will never be able to fit his shoes.The president was an ordinary citizens just like you are, but he has something far greater than all of us who are talking about him, he sees his country in trouble and he decided to do something about it, what have you done for Haiti lately?

I guess nothing because you are still on the sideline pointing finger at a man who is far more greater than you are, please if you think that you are going to be one of the Haitian that is going to stop Haiti from going forward get the hell away far far away, because most haitians do not know how does it feel to be Haitians due to the lack of interaction with other nations some other nations do not think very big of us, all we have is a faded history from the past we need to stop taking credit for what our ancestors have done where is our history where is our achievements what have we done, shut your mouth if you do not have anything nice to say about your president.

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Jean says...

tell about a place where mankind never fight?cane and abel?jacob and esau?france had to "guillotine" the king
stop minimize

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Jean Pierre says...

Sak pa konn miky men miky kolan...

sak vote pou mky yo nou pral konn miky kolan...


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Mano Haiti says...

What about the grading information on Haitian Politicians for the past 50 years on the following:
Misuse of

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Nadia Labissiere says...

I am not taking side. who ever think that they can do something for Haiti, I am with you. Concerning Michel, at least we know about his life and that how he made his money Unlike the others we don't know about them. Therefore, I rather go with him. "Never judge the book by its

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Le Grand Menteur says...

michel marhelly is 50 yeras old and spent all his life kissing the asses, glorifying, singing for the so called old

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Nadia Labissiere says...

without love and compromise Haiti won't be able to move one; and we need to learn from our mistake.

It is about time to put ourselves together and stop fighting against each other, by doing so we will be able to think clearly and see what could be done to help our Country to grow for the seek of the new generation to come. I love my Country "HAITI" we need God to help us seeing the true meaning of this paradise

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