Vilbrun Guillaume Sam, President of Haiti

Vilbrun Guillaume Sam was born on 4th March 1859. He was a cousin of Tiresias Simon Sam. Being the commander of Haiti's North Division gave him a lot of power that he led a rebellion against Francois C. Antoine Simon and Cincinnatus Leconte took over the presidency. He also headed the rebellion that overthrew Oreste Zamor. Sam became the president after president Joseph Davilmar Theodore resigned in February 1915.


Since Haiti had been faced with five unruly years, Sam was forced by Dr Rosalvo Bobo to campaign with rebels against his own government. Dr Rosalvo Bobo was against the financial assistance from U.S government.
Sam refused to act upon the command and instead treated his political opponent badly. He even ordered that 167 political prisoners be killed including the former president Zamor. This annoyed Haitians forcing them to rebel against him. When Sam realized the reactions of Haitians, he decided to hide from them.

Vilbrun Guillaume Sam fled to the French embassy where he was guarded and protected from the angry Haitians. The black Americans (mulattos) got into the embassy by force and beat him to death. To make the matters worse they threw his limp body on the fence for the population to see. They then tore his corpse into pieces and placed them in the capital. Haiti became disorderly for two weeks until American troops intruded. Since the United States never wanted Bobo to be the next president, they decided to invade Haiti for 19 years until 1934. He died a painful death in 1915.

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