We are in trouble again as new storm Leslie has eye on Haiti

We are currently watching for the possibility of yet another storm for Haiti. Just after we received a severe blow from Tropical storm Isaac a new weather system is deveping and can represent a threat to Haiti.


The new weather system already has a name "Leslie". According to the last reading by The National Hurricane Center (NHC) in Miami, Florida, the storm was located approximately 700 miles west Southwest of the Cape Verde Islands, heading westward to west-Northwestward. It is also a slow moving system with speed of about 15MPH. The conditions are favorable for the storm to develop into a Tropical storm and likely a hurricane within the next few days.

Is this possible for Haiti to be hit once again by another storm?

It was just last week that Tropical storm Isaac came in and did its thing. As a result, the last count was 24. The Haitian government reported that at least 24 people have died in Haiti as a result of Tropical Storm Isaac. The bulk of the deaths which took place in the southeastern and western part of the country were electrocuted and others died after objects fell on them. There are three people still missing.

Isn't this too soon? We have not buried all our dead yet.

Can this storm called Leslie give us a chance to give proper respect to those killed by Tropical storm Isaac before coming to us and ask for more?

If the storm can't hear us, then we have only one thing left to do:


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Rodolphe says...

Lesly sets eyes on Haiti?

Are Jou sure?

What are the prospects?

Are we more ready than before?

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Subject: We are in trouble again as new storm Leslie has eye on Haiti edit

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