Re: We Are In Trouble Again As New Storm Leslie Has Eye On Haiti

Rodolphe - August 31 2012, 4:46 AM

Lesly sets eyes on Haiti?

Are Jou sure?

What are the prospects?

Are we more ready than before?

We just lost 19 we're still flooded.

Did we do anything to fence (parer)

In hwhat way?

The government should oblige schools like college Bird, petit college St Martial, etc to open as shelter to the public.

Public offices also. They should post guards to saveguard the property.

In this case situation is compelling to bathing and disinfecting to avoid contamination and body odors.

Emergency Food should be prepared along with emergency first aids.

The government should take the opportunity.

To Decongest the Capital of most of the Duvalier remnants of May 18. Who had been abandoned there.

Prepare for their
Shelter and inhabitationprior to their removal.

To protect the population
Where they would be moved.

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