RE: Daniel-Gerard Rouzier Is Out, Due To Tax Evasion And Questionable...

Gladadou - June 22 2011, 11:32 PM

Have all these MONKEYS paid their taxes?

I don't think so. If he was a drug dealer and a kidnapper, they would have voted for him. It's about time we get a descent looking person to represent Haiti.

The monkeys have been in power for 50 years, what have they done for the country?

They have managed to destroy Haiti.

It's time for a change now. Remember you're dealing with Mickey, he will get the last laugh.

Too bad for Haiti,

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Daniel-Gerard Rouzier is out, due to tax evasion and questionable citizenship

After several weeks of studying Daniel-Gerard Rouzier's paperwork and credentials, the Haitian Parliament rejected the choice of Michel Martelly for...

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