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RE: Daniel-Gerard Rouzier Is Out, Due To Tax Evasion And Questionable...

Have all these MONKEYS paid their taxes? I don't think so. If he was a drug dealer and a kidnapper, they would have voted for him. It's about time we get a descent looking person... more »

RE: Life Sentence For Haitian Man Who Got 9 Year Old Haitian Girl...

Jail is too good for him. We, the taxpayers will be paying for him for the rest of his life. They should CUT it off for him. more »

RE: After 40 Years American Airlines Has Been Flying To Haiti, What Did...

1. You all need to STOP complaining about AA since you cannot have your own airline. The government receives very good compensation from them. 2. AA has always been there to help... more »

RE: Jean-Bertrand Aristide Wants To Go Back To Haiti

Wow!!!! Because J.C. is back, he wants to return also to Help.... He didn't do S..t when he was there, why would he help now. This little "MONO" needs to wait for his turn just... more »

Re: FLASH!, Jean-Claude Duvalier Just Received His Arrest In Haiti

Can't you see the guy is sick. He probably wants to die in his country. Just leave him alone. more »

Re: Continental Airlines To Start Flying To Haiti This Summer

The reason why we didn't have more competitions between the airlines is because AA is "BIG" all over the world. AA is NOT the only airlines who increase their fare whenever they... more »

RE: Is Sarah Palin Using Haiti To Gain Black Votes?

Sarah Palin is just a big 'RACIST' in every way. She is just using the Haitian people. Hopefully, no Haitian will vote for that STUPID AND IGNORANT. more »

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