Daniel-Gerard Rouzier is out, due to tax evasion and questionable citizenship

After several weeks of studying Daniel-Gerard Rouzier's paperwork and credentials, the Haitian Parliament rejected the choice of Michel Martelly for Prime Minister of Haiti. In a vote in the lower-level Chamber of Deputies, forty-two deputies voted against Daniel-Gerard Rouzier to become prime minister of Haiti, while only 19 voted in favor. Three deputies abstained.


The deputies who voted against the nomination of Daniel-Gerard Rouzier charged him with Tax evasion and not being honest in submitting the passport he frequently travels with. There is a suspicion that Rouzier might have dual citizenship. Under the current Haitian constitution, high ranking officials can not have dual citizenship.

What was the real reason for rejecting Gerard Daniel Rouzier?

Does that have anything to do with rich people in Haiti do not pay taxes?

In term of dual citizenship, may the real Haitian stand up?

Was Rouzier victim of a negotiation for ministerial post that that were not satisfactory to the Deputies?

Reaction of Michel Martelly and Daniel-Gerard Rouzier:

Reaction of Parliament After Mr. Rouzier Rejection:

This is the first lost suffered by the Government of Martelly. He should realize by now that governing a country like Haiti is not like making music.

President Michel Martelly is now obligated to find a new prime minister. Any suggestion?

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Marjorie Simeon says...

This is a lie. Rouzier paid all his taxes.

As an example of that for 2010-2011 he paid 750.000 gourdes on his salary and his company paid 112 million of gourdes to the Haitian State.

It's about the same for the past five years according to government records.

The guy is decent and clean.

So stop these

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Gladadou says...

Have all these MONKEYS paid their taxes?

I don't think so. If he was a drug dealer and a kidnapper, they would have voted for him. It's about time we get a descent looking person to represent Haiti.

The monkeys have been in power for 50 years, what have they done for the country?

They have managed to destroy Haiti.

It's time for a change now. Remember you're dealing with Mickey, he will get the last laugh.

Too bad for

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Marvin T. says...

Is there anyone in haiti who did not take advantage of Haiti?

I know it is a good thing not to support Daniel-Gerard Rouzier to become the next Prime Ministe of Haiti becaouse of Tax evasion

My question who else did not do the

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Jervais N. says...


It seems to me that the problem of the "bourjois" in haiti is coming back to hunt Daniel Rouzier.

They made their fortune not paying any taxes or contributing toward anything that would benefit the community or the haitian people.

Now suddently, they want to be prime minister.

They will likely use their positions to do the same thing that thye have been doing all their lives.

A bravo for the House of Deputies in

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Silvio C. says...

Has anyone considered the thousands of people still living under the tent in Haiti.

it seems to me that these people payd by the taxes and the foreign countries are seating in nice air conditioned buildings made for them by the UN and making decisions based on what is ggod not fot the poor people of the countryb but themselves

Ala Tray pou

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Subject: Daniel-Gerard Rouzier is out, due to tax evasion and questionable citizenship edit

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